When was the last time you looked at your business plan? Many of us spent so much time writing a business plan when we first embarked on this entrepreneurial journey and put that final full stop and never looked back. If you were to go back to it now, have you actually followed what you set out to accomplish. Are you serving the same clients? Has it made the amount of money that you estimated?

Has it grown and developed as you have predicted and can you pin point exactly when the execution and your plan started to diverge.


Any plan is fluid we understand that and that is why it is important every so often to review your plan. Have your mission and vision available and visible to you. As you get into the day to day tasks of running your own business you will realize how many things change or may not be what you predicted when you first put your business plan together.

Update your business plan often because the future is the hardest thing to predict. Keep it fluid and flowing and as new information comes to you either through customers, stakeholders or a shift in the market, update it again. As you learn more about your customers and how they are responding to new trends, go right ahead and update it again. Your business plan is only the idea of what you have for your business but in order to remain competitive, relevant and in the game, you have to keep updating your plan.

What are you waiting for? Start to update your plan today and in case you need any assistance  feel free to contact us at info@mkgdynamics.com 

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