What is Marketing?

The strategies you need to move you from point A to point B

A combination of activities you do together to grow your business and increase your visibility

I have found the reason most people struggle in Marketing is because
1. They are not clear about their solutions
2. They are not consistent with their strategies

I covered these in one of my past blogs- Is marketing on your mind?

Some key points:

  1. In order for a marketing strategy to work you must have an audience. You must have people who are willing to listen to you, learn from you and buy from you
  2. This means you have to know who you are selling to because you are not trying to sell to everyone…but to a niche of people. WHO THEY ARE, WHERE THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY WANT
  3. You must have a message. Your message is what you want to be known for and known as and it is the thing that you share with your audience over and over again
  4. You must have a clear idea of where you want your business to be and how much you want to make. This is so you can measure if your marketing strategies are working
  5. You must have multiple things to sell




Based on what you decide has to happen in your business, you start to put your strategy together by asking yourself these questions

  1. Who am I serving
  2. Where are the people I am serving
  3. What exactly am I serving them
  4. How much am I charging them for this thing that I am serving ( not the lowest price)

And then you get into ACTION!!!!

This ACTION can include a combination of things

Please note that you do not have to do all of these things but you should do a combination of them

Let’s start with the easiest and most obvious (The list is not exhaustive!)

  1. Consistent posting on social media. For newbies at least twice a day with valuable information. Information that teaches your audience something. Information that asks them questions. Information that attracts them.
  2. Running ads on social media to a targeted audience because you are trying to attract a specific type of person to your business
  3. Video marketing- because it is the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to get in front of audience with a great message. Use all the tools available to you. On social media, you tube etc
  4. Email marketing…which every business should have because social media is not your own. An email allows you to speak specifically to your audience multiple times a week depending on what you are selling. Create an opt-in to grow your audience and give them a reason to want to share their emails. Choosing the best times to emails and how much to email is a personal choice but don’t be so quiet that your audience forgets you exist
  5. Blogs/Articles.  If you want to show off your expertise, then write about it and teach your audience about what you do or about your products and services
  6. Workshops and Events. There are many pop up shops or up markets you can be part of or create an event for yourself and have a ton more control.
  7. Networking events. Get out from behind your computer and go out and meet your people. The mistake people make in networking events is that they do not follow up with the people that they meet. If you take somebodies card, then drop them an email or give them a call and continue the conversation
  8. Collaborations with people who are in the same or similar niche as yours. Once you both can service the same type of person then work out a way that you can share resources and reach even more people possible
  9. Go into your communities. We all live in a community or have a community we are part of eg. Sports, church etc. Let them know about your business and give them the opportunity to buy from you
  10. Get yourself a website that you can call your own! Create a space where your audience can get to know more about your products or services and where they can book you or buy from you directly. Especially if you want to break into the international markets. A website is a MUST!!!


Your marketing efforts then support your sales effort.

Some added points

  1. Make it easy for people to buy from you. Make the steps to get what they want as simple as possible
  2. Have multiple things for sale! This is the key to making money. Do not sell one thing at a time. Sell multiple things and sell everyday in different ways
  3. Build relationships continuously by sharing value and teaching your audience about your products and services
  4. Speak to them directly and not above or down to them. A lot of your marketing does not work because the loudest voice you hear is your own because you are not listening to the needs of your audience. Ask your audience what they want
  5. People buy the HOW you do things. So it is okay to show them the WHY. You share 80% and sell 20%
  6. The lowest price point does not guarantee sales. Stop underselling yourself because you are ‘new’ to the market. Charge your worth and people will pay. If someone says no they cannot afford you that is okay. Move on until you find the tribe that can afford you!
  7. Use the wonderful tools available to you to skyrocket your marketing. If you are not sure what they are, then check them out HERE

Now that we have shared some valuable strategies, go out there and take ACTION

Let’s get started- Here are 10 ways to Market your Business to get immediate results