Stop Hiding

So many of us hide behind our computers under the pretense that if we post often on social media and engage in enough discussions with people in groups on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google + then our businesses will grow and we will dominate the market. Do not get us wrong, we understand the importance of social media marketing and connecting with your customers using this media. But only up to a point. No business can survive and sustain on social media alone. Even an internet based business owner needs to step away from his computer.

Marketing your business utilises a combination of strategies. More effective than social media is actually talking about your business. One of the most fundamental things any serious business person should be doing is talking about his business to everyone. Talk about your business until it becomes part of everyday ordinary conversation. And by talk we do not mean just walk up to people and start to tell people about your product or service, but when meeting someone new or even an older acquaintance, genuinely see how your product or service can benefit them or someone they know. Be genuine in your conversations and do not just push your business down people’s throat. Understand their needs and wants and tailor your conversation about your business around their own desires.

It requires you to get out of your head, be humble, listen attentively and really hear what the other person needs. Each day challenge yourself to talk to one or two new persons about what you do and how you your business can assist them. Share your business card and listen to what they also have to offer. At the end of the day, you may not close a big deal, but that is one more person who has a clear idea of what you do or offer and who can then share that information with somebody else. It’s free advertising and it did not cost you a cent. Just an attentive ear and a smile.

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  1. Semone Grant

    So true.. The best marketing strategy for your business is interacting with people and no form of technology can replace that……. My business is on social media but most of my sales come from people i tell about business one on one…

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