I had a dream…   

a beautiful dream.

All our business ideas start off with a dream and then we make a choice

  1. Keep the dream to ourselves
  2. Talk about the dream but still do nothing
  3. Get into action to make that dream a reality

We all start from exactly the same position but those who make it and those who don’t are separated only by what they decide to do with that dream

In 2015, when my first coach told me to go out and get new clients, I was terrified to death. I mean, I had been doing this Marketing and PR for a while but it was just a side hustle. When he challenged me to think bigger and do bigger and treat it like a business…I was petrified!!!

Heart palpitations

Cold Sweat

Overwhelming doubt and fear

What if they said no?

What if I could not deliver?

What if I did not know enough?

What if….

I use to get my sick everyday every time he told me to step up. Literally sick.

When I moved onto my second coach, he challenged my mindset. And while he also pushed me to step out of my comfort zone he challenged me about the way I thought and spoke about my business. And why I was setting myself up to fail. 

I was always a straight A student
I was always at the top of most activities I took part in
I always had the loudest voice and was everybody’s biggest cheerleader
But my doubt and fear were sabotaging me. I had to work on my mindset. 

And over 2 months, we did deep dive exercises like affirmations and journaling daily for me to confront those fears and change my inner and external dialogue and wowser what a huge change. I had to stop saying and expressing a few things immediately

What do you think happened?

I attracted a different set of people

If I got a No, I never took it personal…just kept it moving

I manifested money through my words and actions

Selling became easier

Making money daily even easier

Did this happen overnight? No

Am I done working on my mindset? Never

Do I still have moments of fear and anxiety? Most definitely

But I have the tools to confront them and challenge them and work through them now

I had to evolve and so do you

When I first started in coaching in 2015, I used to be on the phone every single day with clients. At the end of the week, I would easily talk to between 20-40 persons and this included actual clients and free consults.


By the end of 2016, I started to change up how I did my coaching and started to introduce Group coaching, which allowed me to help the same amount of people but in a more concentrated way and still give them maximum support. This included through emails and groups

I was still TYAAAAAD but I saw the beach once a week

And then at the end of 2017 I started to create digital products and workbooks to share with my audience which was a big hit because it allowed my clients to work at their own pace plus go back and review all the work they had done

I was enjoying life more because I had more control of my days and my times

Now in 2019, I am offering to you bundle online training which includes digital work books plus audio training plus a ton of bonuses.

Why? Because I had a DREAM to help over 1000 people every month through proven training techniques without compromising the life I truly want.

I made my DREAM a reality by evolving, listening to my audience, developing things that made them happy and me even happier and I did the work…most importantly.

Every time you invest in yourself and your business and you apply the knowledge, you earn more!

The freebies will only get you so far.

If you want real change

Real growth
Real clients
Real breakthrough
Real money

Then you have to invest in yourself and your business. But more importantly you have to do the WORK in order to turn your dream into a reality. 

If you are absolutely ready to turn your dream into a reality, then join the DREAM bundle online programme, where you experience:

  1. Training your mindset to receive and expect abundance daily
  2. Developing marketing strategies that get you results and does not keep you tied to your computer
  3. The Daily Sales Activities that get you noticed and sold out every time your audience sees you
  4. How to master your social media without spending a ton on ads

With a bonus of over 20 done for you engagement posts you can use for any business.

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