You are not trying to sell to everybody. I know you have this being said before because it so true. Many entrepreneurs are of the misguided belief that they need to cast as wide a net as possible to get more the most clients. The reality is if you niche down on your who you want to serve you actually serve more people while making more revenue. You want to find your ideal clients. And you want to know everything about them.
There are a few things about your ideal clients that affect their buying power and their buying decisions. As the seller, this is what is important to you. So that you can speak to them in their language, offer them exactly what they want how and when they want it and keep being their number one supplier. In a previous blog, I touched on why it is important to find them.

When trying to define your ideal clients, ensure that you are clear on these things
1.     Are they male or female?
2.     What age range do they fall into?
3.     Are they married, single, widowed, divorced?
4.     Do they have kids and if yes how many?
5.     Where do they work? Private or Public sector
6.     What is their disposable income?
7.     Where do they live?
8.     What social media platforms are they active on?
9.     What traditional media do they follow (radio, TV, press, magazine)
10.  Which influencers or brands do they follow?
11.  Do they have any political or religious affiliations?
12.  What keeps them up at night?
13.  Why is this challenge keeping them up at night? Why is it sooo important?
14.  How can you help them solve their most burning challenge?
This is the first main exercise I walk any of my clients thru when we are trying to determine who their ideal clients are. You want to get to know them inside and out. Who want to get into the psyche of your clients and understands the emotions that drive them to make the decisions that they make particularly when it comes to purchasing products or services.

Many times, we are our first ideal clients and sometimes we can have more than 1 ideal client at a time. Either way, know who they are is just the first step in you crafting specific messages that will help you as you build know-like and trust with your audience. The relationship you seek starts with your understanding of how they think and why they think what they think.
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I really hope you find your ideal clients so you can start making those meaningful connections and grow a sustainable business starting today!