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Stop Hiding

So many of us hide behind our computers under the pretense that if we post often on social media and engage in enough discussions with people in groups on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google + then our businesses will grow and we will dominate the market. Do not get us wrong, we understand the importance of social media marketing and connecting with your customers using this media. But only up to a point. No business can survive and sustain on social media alone. Even an internet based business owner needs to step away from his computer.

Marketing your business utilises a combination of strategies. More effective than social media is actually talking about your business. One of the most fundamental things any serious business person should be doing is talking about his business to everyone. Talk about your business until it becomes part of everyday ordinary conversation. And by talk we do not mean just walk up to people and start to tell people about your product or service, but when meeting someone new or even an older acquaintance, genuinely see how your product or service can benefit them or someone they know. Be genuine in your conversations and do not just push your business down people’s throat. Understand their needs and wants and tailor your conversation about your business around their own desires.

It requires you to get out of your head, be humble, listen attentively and really hear what the other person needs. Each day challenge yourself to talk to one or two new persons about what you do and how you your business can assist them. Share your business card and listen to what they also have to offer. At the end of the day, you may not close a big deal, but that is one more person who has a clear idea of what you do or offer and who can then share that information with somebody else. It’s free advertising and it did not cost you a cent. Just an attentive ear and a smile.

Still have questions about strategies to get more clients and double your business? Feel free to ask us questions in the comments section or drop us an email at

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Work 4 hours a day and grow a successful business!

Most of my clients usually ask me how I am able to show up consistently on social media, handle all my daily client calls and do the marketing and public relations that I do for my bigger clients. The truth is I learned via trial and error. By making huge mistakes. By wasting a ton of time. By bawling my eyes out and finally by taking the time to figure out what works and does not work for me.

I do not work 7 days a week and I do not work 8 hours a day. That’s just the way my life is set up. It may be different for you. There is no right or wrong way but just your way. Gone I believe is the notion that you have to burn the candle at both ends to get real success. Yes there are times you may have to buckle down and put in some serious hours but if that is what your everyday life looks like then you will fast burn out and lose momentum. Burn out is a real thing for many entrepreneurs and one of the reasons that most businesses do not survive past the 5 year mark. There are very specific clues to know when you have reached burn out stage and you can read about them in How to Tell you have reached the Point of Burn Out.

These productivity hacks, I have found, keep my energised, alert, creative and makes my business sustainable

  1. I got help! I resisted this for a very long time when I first started because I had the old mindset that I could not afford a VA, a coach, a web developer, a photographer, a graphic artist, an accountant etc. But I needed help and so many of us need help so we can be more productive and focus on our zone of genius while allowing others to be great at what they do. By the way, I found a great Virtual Assistant using Upwork who had some very specialised skills that I was searching for.
  2. I set boundaries. So there are certain days that I work and certain hours that I work and outside of that I relax, spend time with my family and do fun stuff…even if it means I sleep all day. I use my handy scheduler Acuity to set those boundaries for my calls specifically.
  3. I batch schedule my work. This one has been a huge deal for me. In my line of work I have some very specific tasks that I do every week which include 
    1. Writing emails and creating opt-ins
    2. Creating content for social media and blogs/articles
    3. Creating videos
    4. Direct marketing
    5. Client calls

So essentially, what I do is I choose 1 day to tackle one task. So all blogs and articles are written on a particular day every week. All social media is scheduled on a particular day. My pre recorded videos are done on a certain day. My fo llow up calls are done on a certain day. And I also decide on how long each one of those tasks must take because remember I do not want to work 8 hours or more per day.

  1. And finally, I automate alot of what I do. My VA and I have worked out a pretty great system that ensures that even if I sleep until noon, my audience is hearing and seeing me. We use the scheduling tools available so that emails go out a particular time everyday, so that my podcast and blog shows up the same time every week on social and via email. That my social media is popping at a certain time. We take advantage of the scheduling tools at most every step and the rest we do organically because of course you still have to show up in an authentic way right! That’s why I am loving Facebook’s Creator Studio because it not just allows us to schedule and connect to IG but view our insights and performance at a glance.

Building a business takes time and it takes lazer focus on your goals and strategy but it does not mean being tied to your phone or laptop in order for your business to be sustainable. It is a decision you have to make about how your business is run and how much time you want to actively spend in it without getting burnt out and losing momentum.

I want to give you access to all my tools and hacks in Rise to the Top. My 8-week programme starting November 4th

What you get:
• Unlimited accountability via email and messenger
• Business Audit which includes your Marketing and Sales Strategy inclusive
of an overhaul of your social media
• Weekly 1 on 1 phone calls for 60 minutes to brainstorm ideas and develop
• Assistance writing content for your social media and emails that converts
likes to sales

A lot can happen in just 8 weeks. I went from earning 5 figures to 7 figures in 8 weeks by becoming more intentional in doing the work in my business and not getting distracted with shiny objects.

When you begin to see more people responding to your messages, engaging with your posts, ordering your products and services…it will all be worth it.

This is what this journey is all about. Your rise to the top. Join me on November 4th by clicking the button below.

7 things you need to know to be successful

There are many things you are not taught in school if you study business. In my last 4 years of being a coach, I always feel there are some harsh realities of business we do not want to face. But I believe, in understanding these 7 things, we can truly develop a mindset to expect success and all grow to be millionaires! 

1. Growing a business takes time! 

Trust me. And I am not saying this to burst your bubble or anything but to give you some harsh truths about what it takes to grow a really successful business.

That is why there is the popular saying that most businesses close down after 3-5 years or that Rome was not built in a day. They are not only popular sayings but they are some real truths.

Your rise to the top of your niche takes time. It takes perseverance and it takes determination. Doing the work is essential but also being patient and trusting in the process as you grow. Because the truth is things will not always work out the way that you want it to and that is okay! But that does not mean you stop working. No….it means you learn, you grow and you keep doing what you love.

2. There is enough for all of us to be millionaires. 

And I truly believe that to be so. Think about it. There is more than 1 successful athlete, chef, lawyer, doctor, consultant, real estate agent. Success is relative but it can happen for each of us.

Am I the very best at what I do? Hello no. I still have a ton more to learn obviously but….I can tell you that every week and every month I rise higher than I was before.

How? Because I get super intentional in

1. What I want to happen

2. Who I want to serve

3. How I am going to serve them

4. How much I am going to make

And then I keep going until I get exactly what I want. There is no compromise and no slacking off. Your rise to the top means that you have to put aside your excuses and just get to work everyday no matter what!

3. Mind your business

Really and truly you need to mind your own business. We spend so much time looking at our competitors or worried about what they are charging and what they are offering that we miss some great opportunities right in front of us.

The number of times I have heard a client say- But Adanna I know people selling the same thing like me for so much more and wonder why they charging so much……or…….I seeing people with less quality than mine and getting more sales…….SO WHAT????

Forget about them and focus on you and the clients you have that are ready to buy from you. The only time I look at my clients is to get market research. I look at the comments people leave under the posts or their blogs and grab a ton of content to share with my own audience. Their price does not affect or influence me. Their images do not compete with mine. Their story is not my story.

Mind your business and get lazer focused on what you want to happen for your business and how you want to make your clients happy. Competitors are just other people trying to make it in this world. You do not have to love them, and you do not have to hate them. Smile and wave and move right along!

4. Do regular audits

I do regular audits of my business processes because I know the technology is always changing and how people consume information is always changing because of it. So as you step out into your greatness and start to claim your success, I want you to consider these 5 things

1. Do I have an engaged audience? A group of people who are buying, liking, sharing and commenting on every piece of content that I am putting out to the world. If not, then we need to fix that

2. Is my message clear? Is my audience asking me the same questions over and over. Is it very clear to them what I am offering and how I can make their lives better? If not, then we need to fix that

3. Am I showing up to my audience often enough so they do not forget me? And where exactly am I showing up the most? Where am I getting the most traction?

4. Am I using all the free tools available to me to really connect and engage with my audience in a meaningful way? If not, then we need to fix that

5. Am I teaching them something new? Making them think or take pause? Am I making their lives better every time they hear or see me? If not, then we need to fix that

Listen…growing a successful business is not a slap and stick system. You have to audit your processes. You have to pivot and adjust. You have to be flexible. You have to know what is going on in your industry. You have to be the voice in your clients head so they always remember you.

If you said NO to all or any of the questions above, then it’s time we fix that! 

5. Don’t do it all alone

The biggest mistake in business is believing that I could do it all alone. So let me explain because I know you can relate. I had a great business idea and I knew I had the knowledge to share. So I launched and I shared and I created content and did videos and workshops and speaking engagements and got more clients and more clients but I was burnt out and any money I made was going straight back into the business so I was not enjoying the process.

Like many of you I use to think…well I do not have the money to hire a graphic artist or a virtual assistant or a web developer or a coach. And the longer I held onto that belief the more tired I became and the more I struggled to make money.

When I hired my first 2 coaches, I had no idea where the money would come from. But I knew that if I intentionally and consistently implemented what was taught to me every week…without excuses..that I would make that money. It was $10K bill after all. And guess what it happened because I knew I had to pay that bill and knew I did not want to dip into my savings to cover it. So I worked my butt off to not just pay it but to learn and grow my business so making $10k would become my norm every month

Same thing happened when I decided to have a virtual assistant and a web developer. I knew the costs involved and I was determined to be able to pay them every week without fail by doing the work I know needed to be done to pay them and continue to grow my business.

You see, in business as in life, you may need help. That does not make you weak. But alot of times we keep ourselves stuck because of our limiting beliefs about ourselves and what we can accomplish. You can do it and you can build your team and build your business. It is not impossible. Your determination and your work will make it happen!

6. Track your money

This is an exercise I go thru with all of my clients. Many people do not really know how much they are truly making. They have a figure in their heads but alot of times it is wayyyyyy off.

I had a client one time, tell me she wanted to make $20K a month. I told her to go back and calculate how much she had made over the last 3 months in her business. When she came back to me, it turns out she was making almost $30K a month already…..but she never felt like she was making that amount. Why

1. She was not tracking her money

2. She did not have a budget per say

3. She had no real plans for the money she wanted to make

In order for you to have a great business, you have to get real cozy with your money. The money you have and the money you are about to make. Be clear about how much you really want/need to make. DO not pull a figure out of thin air…start writing out your expenses etc and create a real budget.

Then go back and calculate how much you have actually made in the last 3 months

Then set a written plan for the money that is about to come flowing to you

You have to plan this thing down to the last dollar if you want to see if come to light. You want to manifest this thing by knowing exactly how you want and need and exactly how you are going to manage it once you get it. You deserve it and it can and shall be yours.

7. The bare minimum is not enough

I see so many businesses with such great products doing the bare minimum and it makes me want to scream! Sometimes I want to send them a PM or jump in their DM and say hello hello hello…….people are waiting for you! People want what you are offering! THE PEOPLE LITERALLY AT YOUR DOOR STEP BUT YOUR DOOR IS SHUT TIGHT!!!

Come on guys. We know doing the bare minimum never got anybody anywhere. Building the business you love takes work and sacrifice. It takes grit and guts. It takes belief and gumption. The people want what you are offering so please please let’s make it easy for them and let’s get you that schmoney

1. Show up consistently….yes yes yes please. Once a week is never enough

2. Teach your audience. Show them proof of your brilliance and expertise

3. Ask them questions and really get to know what they want and how they want it. Engage Engage Engage

4. Sell them more than 1 thing at a time. Upsell Upsell Upsell. Give them what they want. Want to make $40K a month, then sell 4 different things at the same time in one month at different price points.

5. Stop running scared and charge the right price. Charging the lowest does not get you the sales. Calculate all the costs associated with producing the thing that you do and then charge for it. Include ALLLLLL of your costs.

Let’s rise together and make these things happen in your business before 2020!

Join me in the Rise to the Top 8 week programme starting November 4th

What you get:

• Unlimited accountability via email and messenger
• Business Audit which includes your Marketing and Sales Strategy inclusive
of an overhaul of your social media
• Weekly 1 on 1 phone calls for 60 minutes to brainstorm ideas and develop
• Assistance writing content for your social media and emails that converts
likes to sales

Alot can happen in just 8 weeks. I went from earning 5 figures to 7 figures in 8 weeks by becoming more intentional in doing the work in my business and not getting distracted with shiny objects.

When you begin to see more people responding to your messages, engaging with your posts, ordering your products and services…it will all be worth it.

This is what this journey is all about- Your rise to the top. Join me on November 4th by clicking the button below.

The Marketing Strategy Secrets nobody shares with you!

What is Marketing?

The strategies you need to move you from point A to point B

A combination of activities you do together to grow your business and increase your visibility

I have found the reason most people struggle in Marketing is because
1. They are not clear about their solutions
2. They are not consistent with their strategies

I covered these in one of my past blogs- Is marketing on your mind?

Some key points:

  1. In order for a marketing strategy to work you must have an audience. You must have people who are willing to listen to you, learn from you and buy from you
  2. This means you have to know who you are selling to because you are not trying to sell to everyone…but to a niche of people. WHO THEY ARE, WHERE THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY WANT
  3. You must have a message. Your message is what you want to be known for and known as and it is the thing that you share with your audience over and over again
  4. You must have a clear idea of where you want your business to be and how much you want to make. This is so you can measure if your marketing strategies are working
  5. You must have multiple things to sell




Based on what you decide has to happen in your business, you start to put your strategy together by asking yourself these questions

  1. Who am I serving
  2. Where are the people I am serving
  3. What exactly am I serving them
  4. How much am I charging them for this thing that I am serving ( not the lowest price)

And then you get into ACTION!!!!

This ACTION can include a combination of things

Please note that you do not have to do all of these things but you should do a combination of them

Let’s start with the easiest and most obvious (The list is not exhaustive!)

  1. Consistent posting on social media. For newbies at least twice a day with valuable information. Information that teaches your audience something. Information that asks them questions. Information that attracts them.
  2. Running ads on social media to a targeted audience because you are trying to attract a specific type of person to your business
  3. Video marketing- because it is the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to get in front of audience with a great message. Use all the tools available to you. On social media, you tube etc
  4. Email marketing…which every business should have because social media is not your own. An email allows you to speak specifically to your audience multiple times a week depending on what you are selling. Create an opt-in to grow your audience and give them a reason to want to share their emails. Choosing the best times to emails and how much to email is a personal choice but don’t be so quiet that your audience forgets you exist
  5. Blogs/Articles.  If you want to show off your expertise, then write about it and teach your audience about what you do or about your products and services
  6. Workshops and Events. There are many pop up shops or up markets you can be part of or create an event for yourself and have a ton more control.
  7. Networking events. Get out from behind your computer and go out and meet your people. The mistake people make in networking events is that they do not follow up with the people that they meet. If you take somebodies card, then drop them an email or give them a call and continue the conversation
  8. Collaborations with people who are in the same or similar niche as yours. Once you both can service the same type of person then work out a way that you can share resources and reach even more people possible
  9. Go into your communities. We all live in a community or have a community we are part of eg. Sports, church etc. Let them know about your business and give them the opportunity to buy from you
  10. Get yourself a website that you can call your own! Create a space where your audience can get to know more about your products or services and where they can book you or buy from you directly. Especially if you want to break into the international markets. A website is a MUST!!!


Your marketing efforts then support your sales effort.

Some added points

  1. Make it easy for people to buy from you. Make the steps to get what they want as simple as possible
  2. Have multiple things for sale! This is the key to making money. Do not sell one thing at a time. Sell multiple things and sell everyday in different ways
  3. Build relationships continuously by sharing value and teaching your audience about your products and services
  4. Speak to them directly and not above or down to them. A lot of your marketing does not work because the loudest voice you hear is your own because you are not listening to the needs of your audience. Ask your audience what they want
  5. People buy the HOW you do things. So it is okay to show them the WHY. You share 80% and sell 20%
  6. The lowest price point does not guarantee sales. Stop underselling yourself because you are ‘new’ to the market. Charge your worth and people will pay. If someone says no they cannot afford you that is okay. Move on until you find the tribe that can afford you!
  7. Use the wonderful tools available to you to skyrocket your marketing. If you are not sure what they are, then check them out HERE

Now that we have shared some valuable strategies, go out there and take ACTION

Let’s get started- Here are 10 ways to Market your Business to get immediate results

5 Reasons You Need Video In Your Marketing Strategy

5 reasons you need video in your Marketing Strategy

For your Marketing to be effective, you need two main things. A captivating audience and a compelling message. Having these two elements really puts you one step ahead of the crowd. However, in today’s world of information overload, you still need to find ways to mesmerize and captivate your audience so they know-like and trust you everyday. 

There are 5 reasons you need video in your Marketing Strategy…starting today.

  1. It’s Memorable

Your audience is bombarded by a ton of information everyday via text.
Video is a great way to break the monotony of all the text being shared.
Remember humans remember more when they use more of their
senses. So giving them the ability to hear, see and even read (if you have
captions) will make your message more memorable

2. It builds relationships faster

Video is an easy way for you to build relationships. Which is the most
important aspect of building your business in 2019. People want to buy
from those who look and sound like them. When you audience can see
your face and hear the excitement in your voice, it increases your
authenticity and builds a stronger relationship. By the time you offer
them something for sale, they already feel like they know you inside
and out. Check out this blog I wrote in 2017 describing why
Video is King!

3. It builds engagement and reach

Ready to increase your SEO and ranking? Well then you need to jump
on the video train asap! So many people are now turning to Youtube to
learn about everything. This is why platforms like Facebook, Instagram
and even Linkedin and Twitter have introduced video on their
platforms. They too understand the power of video in getting more
engagement and reach for their audience. When you search for most
anything on Google, the first thing that usually comes up is a video.

4. It is an easy way to show PROOF

As a business owner, you should always be ready to show your
audience PROOF of what you are selling. Whether it is how to use
your products or how to engage with your services. Video makes this
possible. Have you noticed that the people that you religiously follow
online are all using video to promote themselves now? That is
because they also understand that video has a higher return on their
investment than text and pictures alone. Video is an important part of
their arsenal to build relationships and get more sales.

5. It increases your visibility

If you are really serious about getting more eyes on your business
and even getting it shared faster, then video is the way! Video has
been known to be shared more than any other means of
communication. Plus more people would prefer to view a video
teaching them something than read text.

If you are still stuck on how to use video in your business, then grab this FREE training I put together to help you get started

Are You Looking For Your Ideal Clients?

When thinking about your marketing, most entrepreneurs only focus on the tools and platforms. They want to jump right into building a website and starting a Facebook page. And they dive into it. Start to schedule ads to everybody. Add all their family and friends to their page. Invite their neighbours and their cousins to their grand openings. And hand fliers out to every man or woman walking down the street.

Do you know what that results in? Wasted money. Wasted resources.  Wasted time. And frustration. When developing a marketing strategy for your business, one of the key elements to consider is who needs and wants what you are selling. The truth is, everybody is not your ideal client. Everyone does not need or want what you have to offer. The sooner you can identify the niche of people who really truly need you the quicker you will grow. The more sales you will make. And the more impact you will have. Have you seen my previous blog post about Who is Your Ideal Client? if not, have a read

So, I know you are asking by now….. how do I feel these beautiful people right? Well, you have to do some research and you have to do some testing. These are the questions you should be asking yourself and these are the observations you should be making if you already have clients

1.     Are they male or female? Yes they can be both or just one

2.     What age group do they fall into? I like to break this into 20 year age
groups because the buying habits of a 20 year old and a 45 year old are
drastically different eg. 20-40, 40-60 or 25-45 etc

3.     Are they married, single or divorced?

4.     Do they have kids and if so how many? The priorities of parents tend to
be different than persons without kids, thus their spending habits are

5.     Where do they live? This will also help you fine-tune your advertising
and promotion if you are focusing on persons who live in a particular
region or country.

6.     Where do they work? Are you targeting persons who work in the
public or public sector? Or are you targeting entrepreneurs?

7.     What are their views about politics, religions and important issues?
Again this is specifically for targeting your audience with ads

8.     Where are they both online and offline. Meaning, do they spend the
majority of their time on Facebook, instagram, snapchat or do they
read newspapers or listen to radio and if so which ones? Knowing this
information will help you define your own position when it comes
down to advertising and where you want to be featured

9. Who influences them? Is your audience heavily influenced by the
Kardashians or by the Simpsons

10. What keeps them up at night? What do they worry about? And what
exactly are they presently complaining about?

Having a clear answer to these questions will assist you in the following ways

1.     Create messages/content that speaks the language of your audience.
When you share messages that speak specifically about them to them
in a language that they understand, it increases the know-like and trust
factor. This builds relationships and engagements and lead to the sale

2.     Target your audience when designing and promoting ads. Imagine
spending money on designing an ad and showing it on a television
station that your audience does not watch. Your money and resources
will quickly be flushed down the drain

3.     It helps you decide where you need to show up to build relationships. I
go by the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time you are sharing valuable
information and having discussions. 20% of the time you are selling

Your ideal clients are out there waiting
for you to show up and be awesome.

They are waiting for you to teach them. They are waiting for you to offer them something to buy. Do not miss out on that opportunity by diluting your message and trying to sell to everybody!

Still not sure where to begin?
Then learn more in

Do You Have A Marketing Plan?

The one thing I know for certain when most people start working with me is that they do not have a Marketing plan. They may have a social media page and even a website and even an email list, but they have no idea how to make all these things work together. A Marketing plan is an outline of how you convey your message to your audience. It is a combination of the tools that you will use to convey the message as well as where you will convey these messages. But there are some major decisions you have to make before you even decide to show up to your audience.

1.Know your audience!

You are not trying to sell to everybody. Take about marketing like going out on a date. The first date is the most important and what happens after that date determines if you are going to stay with this person for the long haul. You won’t say yes to a marriage proposal on the first date, so why do you expect your audience to…or anyone for that matter.

I shared extensively on this topic almost 2 years ago in my blog post:
Who is your ideal client?

Every entrepreneur has to spend some time determining who they want to work with and who they want to attract specifically. Do you want to attract people with no money? Do you want to attract people who are always complaining? Do you want to attract trolls? I am sure your answer to this is HELL NO. So, in developing a marketing plan, before you jump onto your social media pages and start talking about your business, you want to determine who exactly you want to talk to. And secondly determine where they can be found both online and offline so you can show up there for them consistently.

2. Know your message!

What do you want to be known for? Who do you want to be known as? This is greatly affected by the messages you share to your audience. Many entrepreneurs do not think about this aspect of marketing. Instead they solely focus on the thing that they are selling. The bigger question is what are you teaching your audience about what you are selling? 

Your messages are a great opportunity for your audience to get to know you better. Share your stories through posts, videos, memes, jokes…..whatever suits your fancy. But give your audience an inside look as to why you love what you do and how you do what you do. The conversations you have with your audience is how you build that know-like-trust factor that ultimately leads to the sale. That most times is the missing link!

Your messages should inspire, motivate and educate your audience and should not be solely focused on talking about your business. People want to buy from people. So give your audience a chance to get to know the real you behind your brand.

3. Know where to show up!

You do not need to be everywhere at once. That is a sure recipe for burn out. If you have determined your audience is on social media, then choose 2-3 platforms and master them. If they attend networking events, then make it a priority to be there. If they read a particular newspaper or magazine, get featured or become a guest contributor. 

The point is that when you determine who your audience is, you also need to determine where they are and make a committed effort to be there so you remain top of mind.

4. Show up in different ways

One of the biggest mistakes many entrepreneurs make is not realising that their audience consumes content in different ways and have different platform preferences. Too many are solely relying on social media alone. And while social media is a powerful tool and platform, it should not be the only place your messages are being shared. Instead, from your marketing strategy, map out the different ways you can share your content which may include:

• An email list
• A blog
• A podcast
• Live or recorded videos or webinars
• Networking events
• Collaborations with others
• Traditional media like radio, TV, press and magazines

Your audience is bombarded by so much information, so the more ways you give them to interact and hear your messages, the more relevant you will remain to them. The key to this is consistency!

5. Lead them down an easy path

Your Audience + Your Message = Sales! Knowing your audience and being very clear about your message, will lead you to consistent sales. This is how your marketing is tied into your sales and supports your sales process. The end goal of your marketing is to build know-like-trust so they will buy right? So part of your marketing strategy has to lead them to where and how they will buy from you.

Most entrepreneurs also only offer their audience one way to buy from them. By doing this, they are leaving money on the table. And they are closing the door to many opportunities for their audience to work with them. Remember people are at different stages of the buying process and your marketing has to speak to all of those stages. 

Instead, think of ways you can break up your services into pieces so that you can create a steady stream of customers and a steady stream of income. For example:

  1. Free content through your blogs, videos, podcasts, email etc
  2. DIY programme
  3. Do It with you programme
  4. Do it for you programme
  5. Coaching/Training 1 on 1
  6. Masterminds/Retreats
  7. VIP days

The point is, that for any type of business, you can have clients filled at each stage of this sales funnel based on the messages that you share and the offers you provide. 

Marketing is not as complicated as we tend to make it out to be, if we are truly clear about our goals, know who we want to attract and are confident in our message then, it is truly a matter of rinse and repeat!

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How To Turn Your DREAM Business Into a REAL Business!

I had a dream…   

a beautiful dream.

All our business ideas start off with a dream and then we make a choice

  1. Keep the dream to ourselves
  2. Talk about the dream but still do nothing
  3. Get into action to make that dream a reality

We all start from exactly the same position but those who make it and those who don’t are separated only by what they decide to do with that dream

In 2015, when my first coach told me to go out and get new clients, I was terrified to death. I mean, I had been doing this Marketing and PR for a while but it was just a side hustle. When he challenged me to think bigger and do bigger and treat it like a business…I was petrified!!!

Heart palpitations

Cold Sweat

Overwhelming doubt and fear

What if they said no?

What if I could not deliver?

What if I did not know enough?

What if….

I use to get my sick everyday every time he told me to step up. Literally sick.

When I moved onto my second coach, he challenged my mindset. And while he also pushed me to step out of my comfort zone he challenged me about the way I thought and spoke about my business. And why I was setting myself up to fail. 

I was always a straight A student
I was always at the top of most activities I took part in
I always had the loudest voice and was everybody’s biggest cheerleader
But my doubt and fear were sabotaging me. I had to work on my mindset. 

And over 2 months, we did deep dive exercises like affirmations and journaling daily for me to confront those fears and change my inner and external dialogue and wowser what a huge change. I had to stop saying and expressing a few things immediately

What do you think happened?

I attracted a different set of people

If I got a No, I never took it personal…just kept it moving

I manifested money through my words and actions

Selling became easier

Making money daily even easier

Did this happen overnight? No

Am I done working on my mindset? Never

Do I still have moments of fear and anxiety? Most definitely

But I have the tools to confront them and challenge them and work through them now

I had to evolve and so do you

When I first started in coaching in 2015, I used to be on the phone every single day with clients. At the end of the week, I would easily talk to between 20-40 persons and this included actual clients and free consults.


By the end of 2016, I started to change up how I did my coaching and started to introduce Group coaching, which allowed me to help the same amount of people but in a more concentrated way and still give them maximum support. This included through emails and groups

I was still TYAAAAAD but I saw the beach once a week

And then at the end of 2017 I started to create digital products and workbooks to share with my audience which was a big hit because it allowed my clients to work at their own pace plus go back and review all the work they had done

I was enjoying life more because I had more control of my days and my times

Now in 2019, I am offering to you bundle online training which includes digital work books plus audio training plus a ton of bonuses.

Why? Because I had a DREAM to help over 1000 people every month through proven training techniques without compromising the life I truly want.

I made my DREAM a reality by evolving, listening to my audience, developing things that made them happy and me even happier and I did the work…most importantly.

Every time you invest in yourself and your business and you apply the knowledge, you earn more!

The freebies will only get you so far.

If you want real change

Real growth
Real clients
Real breakthrough
Real money

Then you have to invest in yourself and your business. But more importantly you have to do the WORK in order to turn your dream into a reality. 

If you are absolutely ready to turn your dream into a reality, then join the DREAM bundle online programme, where you experience:

  1. Training your mindset to receive and expect abundance daily
  2. Developing marketing strategies that get you results and does not keep you tied to your computer
  3. The Daily Sales Activities that get you noticed and sold out every time your audience sees you
  4. How to master your social media without spending a ton on ads

With a bonus of over 20 done for you engagement posts you can use for any business.

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5 Hidden Rules For Sales Success

The thing most people do not talk about in sales is that is a process and a science. It is not simply throwing things out into the wind and hoping somebody buys

• It is about showing up and selling everyday
• Speaking the language of your audience
• Building relationships with your audience
• Listening to your audience and what the want
• Crafting offers and products and services for them
• And then delivering to them in an easy way

And that is just the beginning.

The beauty of sales is that once you understand your audience and you really have tapped into their emotions, wants and desires then offering them something to buy everyday, all day in multiple ways on multiple platforms becomes so much easier. It takes time but it works!


Let’s dive into 5 hidden rules for sales success and see which rule you are breaking

  1.   What do they want?

A lot of times you are guessing what your audience wants because you are in love with the idea of your business. That is a sure fire way to get stuck and frustrated. The bigger questions is what do they want and how do I go about finding this out from my audience?

Simple……you are ask them!

Obviously you are not just going to say- Hey Ed, what do you want? Instead, you can craft questions, polls and questionnaires asking specific questions to Ed so you get an acute sense of where his frustration lies.

So for example you may ask Ed- When it comes to xyz, what is your biggest challenge or frustration or What is the worse that can happen if you do not get xyz.

You still have to lead the questioning. And then observe the answers and craft your sales around what your audience is talking about. Do not just look at the surface answers either, but deep dive and truly get to the meat of what their challenge is.

  1.   Are you asking for the sale?

Chances are that most of the time you are not. Yes you are showing up and yes you may be sharing valuable information, but you are not giving your audience instructions to buy from you. People need to be guided and as an entrepreneur that is what you should be doing everyday.

You teach your audience something of extreme value and then you say- Hey Ed, jump into my DM to be the first to get your hands on this offer which will be the best opportunity you ever had. Tell your audience what to do but more importantly offer them something EVERYDAY of the week.

Selling should be an automatic activity in your business everyday all day. Even if you are running a challenge, that is part of selling! Or doing a video series, that is part of selling! You have to give your audience instructions and get them into action

  1.   Where is the proof?

Now this is where it gets really interesting! Where is the proof that you can do or deliver the thing you say you can? Testimonials are a big part of this equation but beyond testimonials, your audience needs to see proof. Why do you think video is such a huge success? Why do you think YouTube is still number 1 to attract clients? Why do you think FB, IG and LinkedIn introduced video?

Because people wanted to see proof of what you are offering.

It is not enough to just write and say I am the best and I have the best. Who cares? Everyone thinks they have the best of the best. But you are competing with thousands of people offering the exact same thing.

You need to show the proof of how your system works, how your phone works, how you can put together an outfit, how you can apply the makeup, how you can design a website, how you draft a document, how you can save your clients money.

The proof is in the pudding. Show them the pudding!

  1. People want to buy you

The fact is that people want to buy you. They need to find somebody to aspire to. So why not let that be you? Instead you are hiding behind your computer or your phone and not showing up….ever. Show people who you are by sharing your stories. Your ups and downs. The behind the scenes of your life. The truth of what really goes in building a business. Show them how excited you get when you get new shipment of shoes. Or how appealing it is to create home made lotions and soaps. Or how you test out new make up on yourself first. Or how you test a new app when it is first launched.

You are the #1 attraction for your business and that is how you truly attract a growing loyal fan base who stick with you and buy from you consistently. This is how you build those relationships and the know, like and trust factor we always talk about.

Let your audience see YOU!

  1.   Sales is about speed

The results is in the speed. Let me explain why? When people have a problem, they do one of 2 things. First they dwell on it and procrastinate while the problem festers for a while or Secondly they go out and buy the solution and the results immediately.

When the procrastinating client finally decides to buy because they have reached a state of desperation or they have researched it to death, they want immediate results.

Even the client who buys immediately expects results that are going to transform his life right now, not 6 months from now…even when they have to do some work!

Your sales hinges on how fast you can get the results for your clients and is the driving force of why they may choose you over your competitor.

Selling is a science and an art form and once done correctly, can and will yield you tremendous results. Do not take selling lightly in your business. This should be the first thing after your mindset that you want to master to get you closer to success.

And if you are still struggling to sell everyday,
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3 Ways To Get More Eyes On Your Business (Social Media)

The number one complaint I get from the entrepreneurs I work with who use social media is that their audience is too small and nobody is responding to what they post. You see this is borne from the misconception of build it and they will come….never works.

To attract the very best people to your business pages, you have to take a few key steps into consideration

Your content has to be mesmerizing! What do I mean by this? It has to be compelling enough that your present audience will engage and then share it with your potential audience. This does not mean just randomly posting images of what you sell or only talking about your business. But it includes a mix of content that will ultimately have your audience glued to your pages!


Video, images, memes, polls, blogs, posters and words only!

  1.  Use video!!! I cannot say this enough if you are using social media. Video just gets more eyes on your page. It is that simple. Because your audience wants to make a connection between what you are offering and who you are. Business is about building relationships and video allows you to do that in the most organic way possible. Your audience can engage with you in real time and you can ‘teach’ your audience and showcase your skills right before their eyes. This builds know, like and trust in a huge way
  2.  Use other people’s content! I know this sounds like the complete opposite of what you should be doing, but hear me out! If somebody in your niche or market has put out a great piece of video, picture or article that is rocking social media and it is being shared by the thousands….it means countless eyes are already on it. Then why not share it from your page? This will draw eyes to your page also and encourage your audience to start having conversations as well
  3.  Ask them questions about themselves. Many social media users tend to focus on just talking about themselves and showcasing their skills. And while you need to be your biggest cheerleader, do not forget, you need to be the cheerleader of your audience as well. PLUS people love talking about themselves and offering advice. So why not ask them to share their thoughts and opinions around their own challenges. This gives you the added benefit of market research.

This list is by no means extensive but it is a great way to start getting more eyes on your business when you do not have a large budget. The key to the success of this approach is consistency though. So be prepared to do it everyday, measure and adjust as your business grows. As your engagement grows and you start to get a better sense of your audience as well, you can start to target your news feed and build custom audiences to push more content and ads towards. But this is a great place to start!

Are you having a challenge creating content that converts? Or even just getting more eyes on your business. Then let’s schedule a consult to see which one of our coaching packages works for your business.

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