5 reasons you need video in your Marketing Strategy

For your Marketing to be effective, you need two main things. A captivating audience and a compelling message. Having these two elements really puts you one step ahead of the crowd. However, in today’s world of information overload, you still need to find ways to mesmerize and captivate your audience so they know-like and trust you everyday. 

There are 5 reasons you need video in your Marketing Strategy…starting today.

  1. It’s Memorable

Your audience is bombarded by a ton of information everyday via text.
Video is a great way to break the monotony of all the text being shared.
Remember humans remember more when they use more of their
senses. So giving them the ability to hear, see and even read (if you have
captions) will make your message more memorable

2. It builds relationships faster

Video is an easy way for you to build relationships. Which is the most
important aspect of building your business in 2019. People want to buy
from those who look and sound like them. When you audience can see
your face and hear the excitement in your voice, it increases your
authenticity and builds a stronger relationship. By the time you offer
them something for sale, they already feel like they know you inside
and out. Check out this blog I wrote in 2017 describing why
Video is King!

3. It builds engagement and reach

Ready to increase your SEO and ranking? Well then you need to jump
on the video train asap! So many people are now turning to Youtube to
learn about everything. This is why platforms like Facebook, Instagram
and even Linkedin and Twitter have introduced video on their
platforms. They too understand the power of video in getting more
engagement and reach for their audience. When you search for most
anything on Google, the first thing that usually comes up is a video.

4. It is an easy way to show PROOF

As a business owner, you should always be ready to show your
audience PROOF of what you are selling. Whether it is how to use
your products or how to engage with your services. Video makes this
possible. Have you noticed that the people that you religiously follow
online are all using video to promote themselves now? That is
because they also understand that video has a higher return on their
investment than text and pictures alone. Video is an important part of
their arsenal to build relationships and get more sales.

5. It increases your visibility

If you are really serious about getting more eyes on your business
and even getting it shared faster, then video is the way! Video has
been known to be shared more than any other means of
communication. Plus more people would prefer to view a video
teaching them something than read text.

If you are still stuck on how to use video in your business, then grab this FREE training I put together to help you get started