5 Hidden Rules For Sales Success

The thing most people do not talk about in sales is that is a process and a science. It is not simply throwing things out into the wind and hoping somebody buys

• It is about showing up and selling everyday
• Speaking the language of your audience
• Building relationships with your audience
• Listening to your audience and what the want
• Crafting offers and products and services for them
• And then delivering to them in an easy way

And that is just the beginning.

The beauty of sales is that once you understand your audience and you really have tapped into their emotions, wants and desires then offering them something to buy everyday, all day in multiple ways on multiple platforms becomes so much easier. It takes time but it works!


Let’s dive into 5 hidden rules for sales success and see which rule you are breaking

  1.   What do they want?

A lot of times you are guessing what your audience wants because you are in love with the idea of your business. That is a sure fire way to get stuck and frustrated. The bigger questions is what do they want and how do I go about finding this out from my audience?

Simple……you are ask them!

Obviously you are not just going to say- Hey Ed, what do you want? Instead, you can craft questions, polls and questionnaires asking specific questions to Ed so you get an acute sense of where his frustration lies.

So for example you may ask Ed- When it comes to xyz, what is your biggest challenge or frustration or What is the worse that can happen if you do not get xyz.

You still have to lead the questioning. And then observe the answers and craft your sales around what your audience is talking about. Do not just look at the surface answers either, but deep dive and truly get to the meat of what their challenge is.

  1.   Are you asking for the sale?

Chances are that most of the time you are not. Yes you are showing up and yes you may be sharing valuable information, but you are not giving your audience instructions to buy from you. People need to be guided and as an entrepreneur that is what you should be doing everyday.

You teach your audience something of extreme value and then you say- Hey Ed, jump into my DM to be the first to get your hands on this offer which will be the best opportunity you ever had. Tell your audience what to do but more importantly offer them something EVERYDAY of the week.

Selling should be an automatic activity in your business everyday all day. Even if you are running a challenge, that is part of selling! Or doing a video series, that is part of selling! You have to give your audience instructions and get them into action

  1.   Where is the proof?

Now this is where it gets really interesting! Where is the proof that you can do or deliver the thing you say you can? Testimonials are a big part of this equation but beyond testimonials, your audience needs to see proof. Why do you think video is such a huge success? Why do you think YouTube is still number 1 to attract clients? Why do you think FB, IG and LinkedIn introduced video?

Because people wanted to see proof of what you are offering.

It is not enough to just write and say I am the best and I have the best. Who cares? Everyone thinks they have the best of the best. But you are competing with thousands of people offering the exact same thing.

You need to show the proof of how your system works, how your phone works, how you can put together an outfit, how you can apply the makeup, how you can design a website, how you draft a document, how you can save your clients money.

The proof is in the pudding. Show them the pudding!

  1. People want to buy you

The fact is that people want to buy you. They need to find somebody to aspire to. So why not let that be you? Instead you are hiding behind your computer or your phone and not showing up….ever. Show people who you are by sharing your stories. Your ups and downs. The behind the scenes of your life. The truth of what really goes in building a business. Show them how excited you get when you get new shipment of shoes. Or how appealing it is to create home made lotions and soaps. Or how you test out new make up on yourself first. Or how you test a new app when it is first launched.

You are the #1 attraction for your business and that is how you truly attract a growing loyal fan base who stick with you and buy from you consistently. This is how you build those relationships and the know, like and trust factor we always talk about.

Let your audience see YOU!

  1.   Sales is about speed

The results is in the speed. Let me explain why? When people have a problem, they do one of 2 things. First they dwell on it and procrastinate while the problem festers for a while or Secondly they go out and buy the solution and the results immediately.

When the procrastinating client finally decides to buy because they have reached a state of desperation or they have researched it to death, they want immediate results.

Even the client who buys immediately expects results that are going to transform his life right now, not 6 months from now…even when they have to do some work!

Your sales hinges on how fast you can get the results for your clients and is the driving force of why they may choose you over your competitor.

Selling is a science and an art form and once done correctly, can and will yield you tremendous results. Do not take selling lightly in your business. This should be the first thing after your mindset that you want to master to get you closer to success.

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