5 ways to be known as an expert in your field

People want to buy from people they trust and they like to look for the experts when they are ready to spend their money. Unfortunately, there are many people calling themselves experts who have no proof of their expertise. These people still get people to buy from them but their jig is short-lived.
As an entrepreneur, you want to position yourself as the authority or expert in your niche and this does not happen overnight. But here are 5 ways to be known as an expert in your field that you may be overlooking
1.    Be visible everywhere!!!
So, let me clarify this before I get a barrage of emails condemning me. I do not mean you have to be on every social media platform and I also do not mean you have to post every hour on the hour or send 3 emails a day and a video per day. What this means, is once you have identified where your ideal clients are, then show up with intention! And many times, that is not just on your social media pages either. Make yourself visible by sharing content and information that will inspire, motivate, and educate your audience about the challenges you solve. Share behind the scenes and your wins and losses. Become your clients best online friend
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2.    Engage with others
People will comment on your posts but what about the people who are sharing messages as well. Part of your strategy must include being social and commenting and engaging with other people. This is the backbone of business in 2020. Engagement is a MUST do daily activity. I spend a lot of time engaging in my Facebook group of over 4000 entrepreneurs –Dynamic Business Strategist and it has skyrocketed my visibility in my niche.

Posting on your socials and just running away will guarantee that nobody buys from you or even engages with you. You also need to spend time replying to emails and messages people send in your DM.

3.    Collaborate with others
My rule of thumb when it comes to collaboration is that I will only collaborate with somebody who is as active as I am with their audience and somebody who has the same or a complimentary audience to mine. People are looking for YOU! So position yourself with other people/entrepreneurs who are on a similar mission as yours. This could mean doing a podcast together. Guest blogging and even speaking engagements.
Team up and make this dream a reality. You do not become an authority figure in your niche by hiding out

4.    Be controversial
What this simply means is that if you want to stand out in the crowd of people who are saying and teaching the exact same thing, then share something different or controversial about your industry. Not just for the sake of it, but because you truly believe it. It will guarantee to get you noticed and start some valuable conversations around different topics that many people may be afraid to speak about.
5.    Niche Down
The more you niche down, the better for your business. You want to be known as an expert for a very specific set of skills, tools, or resources. You do not want to be the master of everything but the master of an intentional specific topic in your niche so that your audience has no question about exactly who you serve and how you serve them.
There you have it, folks! These 5 ways done consistently will help you position yourself as an expert in your field of business.
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Everything you need to know about your ideal client

You are not trying to sell to everybody. I know you have this being said before because it so true. Many entrepreneurs are of the misguided belief that they need to cast as wide a net as possible to get more the most clients. The reality is if you niche down on your who you want to serve you actually serve more people while making more revenue. You want to find your ideal clients. And you want to know everything about them.
There are a few things about your ideal clients that affect their buying power and their buying decisions. As the seller, this is what is important to you. So that you can speak to them in their language, offer them exactly what they want how and when they want it and keep being their number one supplier. In a previous blog, I touched on why it is important to find them.

When trying to define your ideal clients, ensure that you are clear on these things
1.     Are they male or female?
2.     What age range do they fall into?
3.     Are they married, single, widowed, divorced?
4.     Do they have kids and if yes how many?
5.     Where do they work? Private or Public sector
6.     What is their disposable income?
7.     Where do they live?
8.     What social media platforms are they active on?
9.     What traditional media do they follow (radio, TV, press, magazine)
10.  Which influencers or brands do they follow?
11.  Do they have any political or religious affiliations?
12.  What keeps them up at night?
13.  Why is this challenge keeping them up at night? Why is it sooo important?
14.  How can you help them solve their most burning challenge?
This is the first main exercise I walk any of my clients thru when we are trying to determine who their ideal clients are. You want to get to know them inside and out. Who want to get into the psyche of your clients and understands the emotions that drive them to make the decisions that they make particularly when it comes to purchasing products or services.

Many times, we are our first ideal clients and sometimes we can have more than 1 ideal client at a time. Either way, know who they are is just the first step in you crafting specific messages that will help you as you build know-like and trust with your audience. The relationship you seek starts with your understanding of how they think and why they think what they think.
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I really hope you find your ideal clients so you can start making those meaningful connections and grow a sustainable business starting today!

How I manage my time so I only work 4 hours a day

There is a huge misconception that once you are starting a business and to maintain a business you need to burn the candle at both ends. Don’t worry, I was also of that belief until I decided I did not want to be stuck in front my laptop for 10 hours every day Sunday to Sunday. Nope! That was not why I became an entrepreneur and I did not like the feeling of being tired and burnt out all the time. Now I work 4 hours a day and use the rest of hours to read, learn new skills and engage in much needed self-care.

These are the steps I took. Because trust me, it did not happen overnight!

  1. I redid my to do list

Usually my daily to-do list would be 20 ticks long and I would work myself into a frenzy everyday getting things done or at least trying to. Most days I was never able to complete everything. And most days I would beat myself up and go to bed exhausted and wake up even more exhausted because I was worrying about the things I did not get completed.

Now I make my list and before I get into action I start to delete stuff. I decide what is a priority and what is a nice to do. Because everything on your list is NOT a priority even though we would love to believe so. I even went further and said I am doing exactly 3 priority things every day. Those priority tasks must be income generating tasks. They must get me in front my ideal clients. They must generate income. And they must increase my visibility and my voice. If I had extra time, then maybe I would do the rest

  1. Closed my tabs and stopped scrolling

One of the hardest parts to accomplish this was managing my screen time. I realized I use to spend at least 3-5 hours a day just scrolling and macoing what people were doing and saying. It was not productive at all. And then I did not feel accomplished unless I had like 10-15 tabs open. I was fooling myself because it actually gave me anxiety jumping from tab to tab.

Now I only have tabs open if I am working on something specific. I finish one thing completely, close the tab and then move on to the next task. No multi-tasking. This actually allowed me to finish tasks faster and meet all of my deadlines in a more realistic way.

3. Delegated jobs and hired helped

Yes, I asked for help. So even when I did not to do list, I would decide who I would send the work out to. I now have 2 Virtual Assistants and a personal assistant and a set of freelancers I reach out to complete projects. At first, I was terrified to do this because like you, I thought I could not afford help because I am not making enough revenue as yet. I wrote a whole blog on what to outsource in your business.

But the opposite happened! I planned it out so everybody worked part time. I created a budget that I felt comfortable paying them (even though I was not making it as yet). I also ensured that any task I delegated out would generate income for my business. They are literally working to pay themselves and the rest of it is mine to keep. I allow my staff to work in their zone of genius so I could work in mine. This not only saved me time but also money and resources. What would take me 2 weeks to figure out they could do in 30 minutes and set up so we can make the money to pay them!

4. I started to say NO

My answer never used to be NO! I would say YES to anybody who needed help. Whether it was business or otherwise. It was distracting and it was time consuming. In fact, on some days I got nothing done because I was so busy helping somebody else with their own dreams. And then I would crawl into bed at night and cry my eyes out because I got nothing done for the day.

So, I started to really weight it out when people called or messaged me for help. If I had time…and I mean real time, then sure I will help. But if I had a deadline to meet for my own business, then the answer is a loud and resounding NO.

5. I scheduled down time

This was another big doozy for me. Because my grandmother would say “You will rest when you dead!” and I literally took that to heart. So, for years, I truly believed that I had to work my finger to the bone. That I could not complain about being tired. That I had to keep going and if I took time to sleep, get a massage, read a book or doing something fun for myself, that I was being completely selfish. Boy was I wrong!

If I am tired and frustrated, I do not produce great work! That is a fact. So, I have learnt to listen to my body and my brain and schedule time to just relax. There are some days of the week that I do not take calls from clients and some days I do not even open my laptop. I have a day to do my mani and pedi. A day to get my hair done. And every day I take a 2-3 hour break just to rejuvenate myself before I jump back into group coaching with my clients.

4 hours a day is not ideal for everybody and I get that. But working 20 hours Sunday to Sunday is a guaranteed recipe for burn out and exhaustion. And that is the real reason a lot of businesses close up shop before their 5-year mark as well.

Don’t believe the hype. Break the cycle and change how you manage yourself so you can live a life that is fulfilling and have a business that is sustainable.

Still need help with this, then schedule a Call and let’s devise a plan that works for you!

10 things I wish I knew before starting a business

I come from a long line of business owners in my family. So being surrounded by other successful business owners was never a challenge for me. But when I decided in 2011 to actually start my own business, I ran into some hurdles that I never expected and no one ever really talks about. These are the 10 things I wish I knew before starting a business

1. Mindset Matters

This was a big doozy for me when I first started. I was racked with fear and anxiety and self doubt about if I was good enough and if I knew enough to help other people. We don’t talk about the work we have to do on our mindset enough in order to be successful. I came to a screeching halt during the first 6 months of my launch and had to take some time off to work on my own limiting beliefs. Now that I do daily affirmations and journaling, I feel more empowered to conquer each day and manifest exactly what I want in my life and my business.

2. I had to have a goal in mind

We always think about goals in this big broad way like 5 to 10 years down the road. But I had to learn to make my goals shorter so they were more manageable. Having those long term goals also made me lazy because I felt I had time. And then it sneaked up on me and I was out of time.

Creating my 90 days goals guarantees that everything gets done. I am no longer overwhelmed. I can visualize the end result. And I get into action much quicker because I have a very specific and short deadline. SUCCESS LIKES ACTION!

3. Money is not evil

When I was growing up, some family members use to call me MONICA!!! Lol, because I loved money and I still do. But as I started my own business, I realized there was a fear in receiving and asking for money. We have been trained even as kids to have such a negative perception of money. Money is the root of all evil!!! That is our normal. But it did not have to be.

We all deserve to have millions of dollars and the only way for us to receive that blessing is to change how we speak and think about the money we have. I do daily money affirmations so that my money can manifest in my life daily. Money is now my best friend. And I deserve to receive money daily.

Now I pay myself weekly…which was another hurdle I had to overcome and I have different accounts set up to receive and pay for different things in my life. I had to learn that you have to respect your money and have a plan for the money that you are asking for

4. Taxes? What taxes

Who said anything about taxes? As a sole trader, the conversation about taxes was never had but as a Limited Liability those taxes hit my door step. I had never heard anyone talk about taxes and why it was important in a business. Just that it had to be paid when it was due.

I had to educate myself about how each tax applies to my business AND set up a system to ensure that my taxes are paid on time (still getting the hang of it!!!). But every business owner needs to know and understand how taxes affect their business.

5. You are your brand. People are buying you

I am introvert by nature, unless I am around my family. Then I am loud and rambunctious. But around other people I prefer to stay in the back ground. I did this for a number of years and my business grew but not quickly. My coach challenged me to start doing videos. To start doing workshops. To start doing podcasts. To do photo shoot. To start showing my face and behind the scenes of my brand; the good, the bad and the ugly. And my business sky rocketed!

Because people could relate to me. They could put a face to all the messages. They knew my voice and my tone. They even know my loud rambunctious laugh now. And now potential clients walk up to me in the grocery and give me hugs

6. It is okay to ask for help. Team work makes the dream work

You cannot do it alone. When I first started, I was wonder woman. Doing all my artwork for myself. Trying to do my website. Doing all my accounting. Planning all my events. The allure of trying to do it all alone because you are trying to save money, wears thin fast when you suffer with anxiety and continuous burn out.

By 2016, I realized that if I was serious about reaching to the next level, I needed to hire people who were better than me at certain things. I had to allow people to sell me their zone of genius while I focused on mine. I got a web developer and I hired a virtual assistant and I had more time on my hands to be of better use to my audience. I was happier and lighter.

Now I have 2 virtual assistants, an accountant and a personal assistant. And I have developed a relationship with a team of professionals who I bring in for specific jobs. My peace of mind made me a greater coach. And I always ensure that the work they are hired to do is a great return on my investment so they are literally paying themselves!

7. Family and Friends are not your ideal clients

Even though I have a ton of family and friends who own their own businesses, not one of them are my clients. We usually have this misconception that the people who love us the most should be our first clients and when they just pat us on our back or just like a post without buying we feel offended. The truth is, they may not be your ideal client and we should never depend on them to grow our business. Not because they know you means they are obligated to buy from you.

This was a huge thing that even I had to get over when I first started and thank God I got over that quickly or else I would be flat broke. Your ideal clients most times are complete strangers who turn into raving fans

8. Build it and they will come is a myth

This old saying is such a big myth. I built a Facebook page in 2011 (Marketing Dynamics Business Solutions) and put up some cute posts and sat back…and heard crickets!!! They don’t come if they don’t know you exist. They don’t come if you are not engaging and building a relationship.

What I ended up doing was joining some groups and started to talk in there. I started to reach out to potential clients and businesses. I started to do videos and share my stories every chance I got. I started to collaborate with others. And then they came!

9. Get a coach or mentor

And this is not just to plug my own services (check out how you can work with me) but to really say that without my own coach, I do not think I would be as far ahead as I am in my business. For years I did it alone and I struggles a bit because I was educating myself off of Google and YouTube. But once I decided to hire my first coach in 2015, the flood gates opened. My mindset shifted. I got clearer about my goals. My plans became more specific. And my business blossomed because I got into intentional action.

Ever since then I have worked with several coaches who are 10 steps ahead of me. And that is one of the biggest things that has led to my success today

10. Having haters is normal

People are going to hate. My inbox is full of people who tell me I am too greedy or all I want is money….duh…I have bills to pay!! I know people who have said mean and nasty things about me and my brand behind my back. Some are past clients and some are fellow business persons. Does it hurt? Not anymore because I know I am not made to please everybody and that is okay.

Having haters is one of the pitfalls of business. But it should never deter you from your goal and being of service to those you absolutely love you. Focus on them!

I could add so much to this list but I think these 10 things will give you a good idea of where I was and where I am presently. What are some things you wish you knew before you start?

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5 ways to create content that converts to sales

The challenge most entrepreneurs have with getting sales is that they do not know what type of content to share with their audience. And because of this, they show up everyday and hear crickets.

Your content is how you build that know, like and trust with your audience everyday so they eventually buy from you over and over and over again.

Your content needs to
1. Inspire
2. Motive
3. Educate

If it is not doing any of these 3 things then you are missing the mark and it maybe why you are not making sales or growing your audience.

1. Content should convert to sales

Your content has to convert to sales! I am sure you have heard this before and still feel confused. Because you are showing up everyday but it is not converting. You are getting people liking and commenting but no one is actually buying.

Let me share a tip with you……Your audience consumes content in different ways. Therefore you want to share different types of content to engage your audience and make it easier for them to say yes every time they land on your content.

Instead of just posting that flier, why not post a video or a meme or a question to your audience. This will not just increase your engagement but also land you some much needed sales in your business.

2. Give your content some direction

One of the reasons that your content is not converting to sales ie because you are not telling your audience what to do after they have consumed your information. This is called your call to action!!

Your audience needs some instructions and so do I!! Do you want them to call you, email you, click on the link, jump in your DMs, tag you???? What exactly. Your content could be great but without instructions it can end up being dead. So remember in creating your content, also give your audience some directions.

3. Make sure it makes sense

Sometimes what you are saying makes no sense to your audience. Speak in simple language and assume they do not know what you are talking about. Unless you know your audience are specific people in a niche market who will understand the high tech language that you are dropping, then assume they do not know.

I have seen with some clients that this is the reason their content does not stick with their audience. Their language does not resonate with the challenges their audience is experiencing. You want to make it super specific and clear to audience not just what you sell but how it benefits them in a way that is easy to understand!

4. Speak FOR them not TO them

One of the things I had to learn fast in business, is that my content has to speak FOR my audience not TO my audience. Using the words they use. Using the terms they say. Asking them burning questions and making a connection to them so they understand it is not about ME but about THEM.

I know you may feel confused by that, but the truth is most entrepreneurs post and do videos, articles and blogs that do no speak FOR their audience. You have to be in tune with your audience and address the specific things that are challenging them. Once you can do that thru your content, then you will see how your content can turn into sales daily. Isn’t that exactly what you want in your business?

5. Creating content is not hard

The truth is that on a good day I work 4 hours in my business. And some of that is spent creating content because I create content everyday. But I don’t spend hours creating content because I have a plan and a proven strategy that helps me map out my content in a short space a time and still land a punch every time! I wrote about this in 2018 in Great Content is all around you!

I choose a theme
I break it into topics
I break that into even smaller topics
I choose 3-5 main talking points about the topic
And I decide how I am going to share it eg video, blog, post, meme, stories, questions etc
I decide on my call to action
And then I get into action

I have rinsed and repeat this method so much that I can do a 2 weeks worth of content in less than an hour and then move on with my day….because live needs to be lived and you should not be stuck behind your computer all day building your business!

I have a $14USD training that teaches you how to create 15 pieces of content in just 1 hour. What you will learn
1.     How to find content
2.     How to create content
3.     How to repurpose content

As an entrepreneur, your content is how you build your business. Grab your training for instant access right here.

3 reasons you need a sales funnel

What is a sales funnel? Let’s start there…because so many entrepreneurs have heard the words but have no real sense of what it truly is. A sales funnel is the method by which you attract, engage and convert your fans so that you get continuous sales in your business. It is basically the journey that you carry your audience on as they get to know, like and trust you.

Every business needs a sales funnel. And every sales funnel does not have to be complicated. In fact the easier your funnel is to enter and access, the easier it is for your audience to engage with you and then buy from you.

Let’s break it down a bit. Every sales funnel has steps

(Insert image here please)

At each stage of the funnel, you have a decision to make

  1. What value am I sharing with my audience
  2. What am I offering them to buy from me
  3. And how do I keep them engaged and moving along in my funnel

There are 3 main reasons you need a funnel in your business.

  1. To attract your ideal clients. Because you are not trying to sell to everybody but to a specific niche of people who need exactly what you are offering.
  2. To get continuous daily sales. Because your audience expects you to offer them something after you have attracted them. Your funnel allows you to not just get to know them but also offer them specific solutions to the different challenges they may be having
  3. To upsell to your audience. Because if they have bought from you once and loved how you solved their problem then you have the opportunity to offer them more. Upsell and keep upselling!

Your sales funnel does not have to be complicated and it does not have to have too many moving parts, but it must be clear, specific, intentional and actionable.

Every sales funnel will be different and you can have multiple funnels running simultaneously……In fact, this should be your goal to create a sustainable business.

Your sales funnel must have a specific goal and intention behind it because without a clear goal, you can be overwhelmed, over worked and frustrated. Did you read my blog on – From $150 to $15000 a month in sales where I shared how goal setting helped me grow my business to where it is today.

Creating a sales funnel is one of the action steps I teach each of my clients. If this is something you are struggling with them schedule a call with me and let’s discuss it.

Taking the leap

So many entrepreneurs suffer burn out and frustration trying to build their business because they are still working a traditional 8 to 4 job. Many laments about the lack of time to really grow their business or the lack of opportunity to delegate some tasks so they could focus on the money-generating aspects of business.

Working your full time job while managing a business at the side is no easy task and it is not for the faint at heart by any means. It takes commitment, dedication and time management which sometimes leads to stress, anxiety, fear and doubt. All normal reactions when you are in business. But there comes a point in time when you have no choice but to take the leap. The big leap which lands you slap dab in the entrepreneurial seat. The time when you know the only way for your business to grow is to get out of your traditional 8 to 4 and do what your heart desires. But before you do any of that……I have 10 things you absolutely must do before you take the leap.


Do not make the mistake so many budding entrepreneurs make by leaving without a plan. My last will help you put things in perspective and set you out with a plan before you take that leap. Because trust me, when you cross over to the other side, you are ready for a brand new adventure.

Check out the list here: 10 things to do before you start your own business!
See you on the other side!

What we have learnt so far…

We have been in this business of helping other businesses exceed, grow and breakthrough new markets for quite a number of years and there are a few key things that we have learnt along the way. Some of them include:

1. Always keep learning

Reading and educating yourself is key to your success. You never know too much. There is always a new way, a better way, a more unconventional way. How can you help your clients if you yourself are not educated about the products and services that are available on the market.

2. Share your knowledge/vision

Some people think that if they have a piece of valuable information, the best thing to dos is keep it close to their chest. But in sharing your knowledge, in voicing your vision and allowing others to give you feedback you actually grow and learn. Your business will thrive once more people know about your vision and they know that you know. Sharing your knowledge can also place you as the market leader.

3. Get a coach/mentor

You cannot do it alone. Somebody has done exactly what you are trying to do and has experienced many of the pitfalls you are bound to experience. Getting a coach or a mentor can help you avoid many of those pitfalls. They can keep you focused on the bigger picture and keep you accountable as you move towards growing and expanding your business. A good coach will steer you in the right direction and let you know.

4. Engage/Network

They won’t just come to you if you sit behind your computer or stay in your office all day. The way to grow your business is to engage. Get up, go out and meet 5 new people a day or a week. Respond to request on social media and ask questions as well. Unless we engage with people who can our potential clients or refer us to our potential clients then our business will not grow as fast as we think.

5. Take Massive Action

I cannot say this enough. TAKE ACTION. MASSIVE ACTION. Get up and jump into it. Forget your fear, your doubts and your worries, just do it! Nothing will happen if you do not take massive action.

6. Do not talk yourself out of your success

Finally, you can do it! Say that to yourself every morning. Because you can do it! Do not talk yourself out of your own success, but talk yourself into what you want your business to feel like, sound like and what you want your clients to experience. Say it over and over. Speak it into being over and over and over again. Remove and erase all negative talk and speak positivity into yourself and your business everyday.

Still have questions about how to get more clients to your business? Feel free to ask me questions in the comments section or drop me an email at info@mkgdynamics.com

Want to work and speak with me directly? We can brainstorm together about your business’ success.

The Fear Factor

Even I suffer from fear from time to time. Fear of people judging and questioning what I want to share. Fear of not knowing enough and fear of not being able to help the people I really want to help. It’s natural but it does not have to be debilitating. Trust me. There is a way to overcome it and if you really want to be a success in business you have to climb up, crawl over and then jump away from this barrier.

Fear is false expectation appearing real. It is not real! Repeat after me…IT IS NOT REAL!!! Get out of your head and start living the life that you want. Allow your business to grow and expand and stop holding your awesomeness back because you are living in a world of fear.

And as I always tell my clients, what is the worse that can happen? The worse thing is that people don’t buy your product or hire you…guess what… they are not your ideal clients. The people who need you will find you. Your fear can keep you back from taking the action you need to take to grow, build and prosper.

So starting today, let’s let go of the fear and start living.

How I get out of my funk

Like everybody else there are times when I fall into a funk. When I don’t feel motivated to get up and do what I know needs to get done. We have all been through these spells and trust me when I tell you it is very very natural. Life happens but business goes on. Sometimes I let my day past and allow myself to be in my funk for one day but after that 24 hours I know I need to shake it off, jump out of it and press forward. Sounds easy? Nope it is not.

But the key is to find that thing which will wake up the drive inside of you so that you keep pushing through and you remember the WHY of my business. Some of the things I do to lift me out of my funk include:

1. Call a friend. Yes we all have that friend or family who knows how to uplift your spirit and give you that extra push to move forward. Call them, go out for lunch or just send them a text and ask them for help. It is okay to get help.

2. Listen to a motivation video. I subscribe to many different motivational audio books and videos. My go to persons are Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Joel Osteen and Lisa Nicholls. A dose of any one of them back to back, lifts my spirits, shifts my mindset and gets me in such a positive attitude to make the change I need to make.

3. Say a prayer. The power of prayer is unbelievable. Just saying a simple prayer or series of prayers moves my spirit and gets me in a better frame of mind.

4. Start writing. I write down my goals, I write down what I am trying to achieve, I write why I am awesome and why I need to get up today and get back on my journey

5. I read my testimonials! Yup, I log onto my social media platforms and read the testimonials that are left by my clients. Reading these helps me to reaffirm my purpose and gives me an extra boost to get up, get out and start moving.

Getting into a funk is okay every now and then, but your strength comes in knowing how and when to pull your boot straps on and get back on your journey.

Want to work and speak with me directly? We can brainstorm together about your business’ success.

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